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Hello! Friends.

We are " KAKAO FRIENDS' from Korea.

Let's play with us.



A male lion whose complex is his absence of a mane.
He is often misunderstood because of his large build and impassive expression, but in fact, he has an unexpected charm with the sensitivity of a young girl! Ryan was originally the successor to the throne on Dung Dung Island in Africa, but he escaped for a life of freedom! He is the reliable advisor among the Kakao Friends. His tail is short because it would be easy for him to get caught if it was long.

Mischievous peach that escaped from the peach tree
Apeach, the mischievous peach that escaped from the peach tree after finding out its condition of monoecious caused by gene mutation! Apeach charms people with its sexy back, and is quite aggressive and hot-tempered.


Muzi, who wears a rabbit costume, and the unidentifiable Con
The curious and playful Muzi is actually a pickled radish wearing a rabbit costume! Muzi gets very shy without the rabbit costume. The unidentifiable crocodile Con created Muzi by raising a pickled radish! Now, Con wants to raise a peach and hence is searching for Apeach.

The wealthy city dog Frodo and the fashion icon Neo
Frodo and Neo are the official couple of the Kakao Friends, and are madly in love! Frodo, the city dog from a wealthy family, is actually a mixed breed. He has an inferiority complex about his descent. Neo, the coy feline that's bent on narcissism. She is the representative fashion icon of the district who loves shopping. However, the fact that her proud confidence is rooted in her bob 'wig' is a secret!

A timid and sensitive duck
Tube, a timid and sensitive duck. When Tube feels extreme terror, he transforms into a crazy green duck. His wears large flippers to hide his small feet. The Ugly Duckling is his distant relative.


The free soul that loves hip hop
Jay-G, a secret agent that is nostalgic about his underground home! He'd like to seem cool-headed with a clear sense of duty, but in reality is quite clumsy. Jay-G is in fact a lonely and sensitive being, unlike what his outer appearance suggests. He is a big fan of the hip hop artist Jay-Z.